This year’s annual Southern Cross Mountain Bike Race was held on Saturday March 14th after being delayed for a couple of weeks due to the ice storm in Northeast Georgia. Saturday was very wet and quite chilly, drizzling on and off all day. That meant lots of mud and that makes for lots of interesting photo opportunities. If you know me then you know how boring I think blue skies and sunshine are, so I was happy to make the almost two-hour drive toward the mountains to cheer on the riders and attempt to get some good images. I was not disappointed. Special shout out to Dustin Phillips, he had to call it quits after the first five miles due to mechanical issues and was kind enough to keep me company for the next 6 hours as we waited on riders and the award presentation. These men and women are the real deal – on and off  the bike. (Have I ever mentioned how awesome the biking community is? It is.)

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