I am a photojournalist living in North Georgia. I love people and stories, and writing and photographing – so documenting people’s stories through my writing and photographs seems natural to me. Personal essay projects involving those who inspire me are my favorite, and those will make up the majority of what I share here (please see the Featured Series section), along with various events (bike races, storytelling events) and an occasional landscape or dog/cat image (I’m crazy about nature. And dogs and cats!).

I also offer family/children/portrait/commercial sessions, and weddings, on a very limited basis.

If I am not writing or photographing, then I am probably on a mountain bike  trail Рor wishing I was.

And yes, my middle name, Candita, is a variation on the title of the 1970 song,¬†Candida, by Tony Orlando and Dawn. If you’ve never heard it, give it a listen sometime, it’s not half bad.

Thank you for perusing!