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So, in January I went on a week-long cruise with a friend, to celebrate her birthday. What does this have to do with Krista’s story? Was the friend Krista? No, but when I returned from the trip I had a message from her: “Glad you’re back!!! Things went haywire when you left. Don’t go on a cruise ever again, please. Did you have fun?” Ha. It turns out that her partner (whom she and the kids have been living with since last January) lost his job while I was away. The company just closed the doors without any warning to the employees – and without providing any severance packages. After swearing that I would never cruise again, I asked if he had any leads on jobs, preferably locally. Unfortunately, the short answer to that was no. He had an interview in Atlanta, and one scheduled in Raleigh, NC, but nothing closer than that even on the radar. Four days later I got the message I had somewhat dreaded: “So….he got offered the Raleigh job. And they want him to start on the the 9th. Of February. So… Looks like we’re moving.”

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